Casual Intruders

Casual intruders

Origins and distribution

There are a number of insect species in the UK that casually intrude into premises from time to time such as:

  • Earwigs (Forficula auricularia)

  • Woodlice (Armadillidium spp)

  • Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina)

  • Harlequin ladybirds (Harmonia axyridis)

  • Cockchafer (Melolantha melolantha)

  • False widow spiders (Steatoda nobilis)

  • House spiders (Tegenaria spp)


Casual intruders can cause alarm and anxiety to a person, particularly when they are in large numbers when sometimes they can cause damage. Generally they are indicative of a problem such as damp or some other problem and relatively harmless. We are able to offer advice and where necessary treat for the problem.

How we control Casual Intruders

Depending upon the species it may be a simple procedure of mechanical removal such as using a vacuum, drying an area out or habitat management such as clearing away organic material that is encouraging activity. If pesticide use is to be considered and used, an appropriate product will be used such as a residual insecticide that may be applied to the area using a hand held compression sprayer. This works by killing on contact in its wet state and leaving a fine residue (film) on surfaces that contaminate insects as they crawl over the treated areas.

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