Falconry Deterrent


Co-habitation with bird species can cause serious health and safety problems, such as disease transmission, aggressive behaviour towards people from breeding birds, or accidents with bird strikes. VEM Services are able to provide bird management solutions to mitigate risks associated with unwanted bird activity.

Not all environments are suitable for proofing installations due to design or cost implications, or may be simply not viable, such as gulls feeding on landfill, feral pigeons habiting open air shopping centres, vineyards, or sports stadia. In these situations introducing birds of prey utilising falconry techniques as a natural deterrent could be the answer.

This is seen as an ethical and environmentally friendly form of bird control, which harnesses the predator prey relationship causing pest bird species to become uncomfortable and vacate the chosen area. Our bird control programmes are tailored to the species, behaviour, and what is attracting them to the site in question; such as food, nesting, or night roosting, or any other factors.

Our falconry team has many decades of hands on experience with birds of prey, which is invaluable in proposing the correct programme for each client. Each site is unique and will require a site survey to obtain as much information as possible, ensuring that our clients are provided with a service that will be cost effective and achieve results. The pest bird species and environment involved will determine if hawks or falcons are chosen as the most effective predatory response.

Our services include

  • Free survey to determine the scope of pest bird activity and its impacts on the site and wider environment.
  • Identifying and proposing the correct method of control.
  • Assessment of risks.
  • Developing and introducing the correct programme for the site in question.
  • Providing reports and KPIs.
  • Providing a professional service 24/7, 365 days of the year with fully trained professional bird control technicians.

Why use us?

  • Our falconry team are directly employed by the company using our own selected team of birds of prey.
  • Our services are discreet, ethical and sensitive.
  • We have many years’ experience in providing an integrated bird control programme using falconry techniques.
  • We work with the client to ensure that results are achievable.


  • Airports.
  • Landfill sites.
  • Sports stadia.
  • Industrial estates.
  • Buildings with large roofs that may attract birds as a breeding site.
  • Open air shopping precincts.

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