Which Pest?

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Knowing which pest is causing a problem is vital to finding a solution. To determine what pest species is causing an infestation, you need to understand and identify the different types of evidence about what you might be sharing your property with.

What is a pest?

To be considered a pest, a creature must cause a nuisance or present a risk. In many ways, it is not the animal or insect themselves that we consider a problem, but how they impact on our activities or can affect our health and wellbeing.

This will generally be by causing or having the potential to cause damage or harm to property, humans, livestock, or pets.

There are different groups of pests that have the potential to cause an issue. Not all creatures that come under each category will be thought of as pests unless they begin to cause a problem:

  • Rodents – mainly mice and rats
  • Animals – like foxes and rabbits
  • Insects – be they larvae or adults
  • Other – such as mites, lice
  • Birds – including pigeons, starlings and gulls

Correctly identifying a pest means that we can control it more efficiently or effectively. It isn’t always immediately apparent which type of invader is causing the damage or harm.

Once we know which pest is present, we can take the most appropriate action to prevent them in the first instance. If this is not possible, we can then implement effective control measures that have the least harmful impact on the environment and others.

How do you know which type of pest you have?

Some pests leave tell-tale, even unique signs that they’re around us. However, some pests present similar signs or evidence to others which makes their identification slightly more problematic.

We might observe active pests, we might find dead specimens, we might be able to identify droppings, or we may find evidence of certain types of nests or harbourages. There might even be giveaway odours or an indication of damage, such as evidence of gnawing or holes in structures. We may even spot tracks that indicate a particular type of pest.

Often, it isn’t always immediately apparent what type of pest we’re dealing with or even where they are. If this is the case, it’s a good time to call in a pest control expert.

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